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House Gropius
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The ensemble of Masters´ Houses in Dessau became the epitome of an artists´ colony in the 1920s: this was where the Bauhaus Masters lived next door to one another. With the Bauhaus Residency Programme, the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation makes it possible for young artists to once again live and work in the Masters´ Houses. The publication presents the programme, the exhibition House Gropius Contemporary, and the artists-in-residence at the Bauhaus in the years 2016 to 2018 and examines the influence of architecture on creative processes, the importance of artistic residencies, and the relevance of the Bauhaus for artistic practice today. Artists: Alexandar Hadjiev (Bulgaria, lives in Germany), Amor Muñoz (Mexico), Anael Berkovitz (Israel, lives in the USA), Andrea Canepa (Peru, lives in Germany and Spain), Andrea Grützner (Germany), Clemens Krauss (Austria, lives in Germany), Gabi Schillig (Germany), Jakob Gautel (Germany, lives in France), Jiyoung Yoon (Korea), Marit Wolters (Germany, lives in Austria) Markus Hoffmann (Germany), Martyna Marciniak (Poland, lives in the UK), Mervyn Groot (Netherlands), Minha Lee (Korea), Paul Beckett (UK, lives in Germany), Rudy Decelière (France, lives in Switzerland), Sebastian Stumpf (Germany), Spela Mastnak (Slovenia, lives in Germany), TM Sisters (USA), Wagehe Raufi (Germany)

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